Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hi Pizza is shitty.

B was working late last night, so I thought I would have a pizza waiting for him. Plus I was starving and couldn't wait on him. I was going to order from Crispy Crust, but then there were all these Korean pizza joints that I recently discovered. Most of the joints had closed already, so I was happy that Hi Pizza was still opened and more importantly, they delivered to my area.

The delivery time was accurate --the guy said it would take 30-40 minutes --I live probably a mile or two from Hi. Oh, they charge you an additional 99 cent if you pay by credit card.

When I opened the box, I was like "oye vey, that does not look good..." and I was right....


I'll start with the cheese; it was burnt and rubbery. Gross. I wouldn't say that Hi Pizza's has a "crispier crust," but it has a helluva chewier crust than other joints and slightly burnt.

Lastly, the toppings...I had ordered 1/2 mushroom and 1/2 pepperoni. As you can see...
...they skimped on the mushrooms, and they must have used the cheapest pepperonis.

Digiorno's, Pizza Hut's, Domino's and even Little Caesar's are better than Hi Pizza's.

Bye pizza.

Address: 119 S Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone#: (213) 380-5757
Rating: 1 out of 5

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