Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Figaro Bistrot is a cute little bistro but the service is always slow...the most recent trip was about a week and half ago.

We sat there a while until a server took our order. He wasn't our waiter as our real waiter was....I don't know where...and neither did the server. I ordered the Prosciutto Panini and was very disppointed that they were out of fries. How the hell can you be out of fries?! Our real server brought out our food and failed to realize that I had no napkin or fork to eat my I swiped it off another table. Alas, when asking for the bill, our real server did another disappering act. Another server took our credit card. It's a shame how bad service can ruin a restaurant.

I give the Prosciutto Panini a 4-STAR and the service a 1-STAR.

Address: 1802 N Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone#: (323) 662-1587
Rating: 2.3 out of 5

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