Thursday, September 18, 2008


My ex would pick Casita Taco De Carbon's pollo tacos over me anyday --in fact that's why he left. That's how much he LOVES their pollo tacos... Between you and me, I think he just really in love with their red hot sauce shown here:

It disguises the dryness in the chicken. The carne asada was definitely dry. I will say that their tacos are the biggest small tacos I ever had --normally I can eat 3 tacos, but I can only finish 2 Casita's tacos. Their tortilla chips are ok. Their horchata is a tad bit too sweet. I'll have to try their super chicken nachos next time...

Address: 405 N Victory Blvd Burbank, CA 91502
Phone#: (818) 848-3242
Rating: 2.7 out of 5

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