Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Had my birthday dinner at Falcon and if I had to do all over again, I would pick another restaurant. Damn them for having such a nice outdoor patio! The whole point of me throwing a birthday dinner is so I can be stress free and not have out of pocket expenses. I would have given them a 5-star but OMG their rules, rules, rules!

Let me go over Falcon's policies 1st:

-party of 10 or more: will only accept 2 credit cards max (I'm fine with that as I was a waitress in my past life and it was really annoying ringing a bill with 10 ccs)
-$15.00 min food charge per person (I'm fine with that)
-dress code: no shorts or tank tops on gentlemen (but what if my friends have nice manboobs and legs to show off?) and no athletic attire (ok, I'm fine with that)
-Half of your party must be on time otherwise you lose the reservation (we live in LA where everyone is always late) (ok, i'm fine with that and luckily most of guests were on time)
-Corkage fee: $20 per bottle (I think that's standard...)
-Cake fee: $3.00 /guest (so it's best to order desserts there and share it)
-party of 20: you have to do a set menu and the price options are $45 or $65

Now that you're aware of their rules, let me go over my headache:

My party gradually got bigger to the big date...10 grew to 15 and grew to 19. To me 19 is under 20, but 19 is 20 to them and requested me to do a pre fix dinner. I was a bit peeve. The whole reason why I picked Falcon, is because it is a nice place, the yelpers like their food, and they had some inexpensive food options. I don't know what everyone's budget is and a few guests are vegeterians, so the pre fix is not going to work. I could have been a stickler and said 19 is not 20, but time was running out, and I wanted a stress free night and so I had a friend booked a patio table. Party of 14 is not 20 to them. Just to be fair, they explained that they needed prefix dinners so it's easier on the chef, but hey, just bring out whatever food is done out but keep the drinks coming. Another thing that annoyed me was that they set my friend's table inside when she specifically requested it to be outdoors next to my table. The manager wasn't rude but he had to think about whether or not to give the outdoor table to us. Dude, it's my birthday and you're trying to give me stress? Btw, we were one out of the two biggest party of that night; I would have said "Yes" immediately and adjust the other reservations around.

Ok, let me move on with what they did right. The bartender was great -he made my chocolate espresso martinis just right. I tried my friend's dish, the House Made Beef Tortellini and it was heaven! My steak frites was perfect. I give their food and drinks 5-Star. I forgot what the dessert was...but I'm sure it was good.

Address: 7213 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone#: (323) 850-5350
Rating: 3.8 out of 5

In a nutshell, come here if your party is small.

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