Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The plan last Thursday was to go to Lucali, but unfortunately sis & brother-in-law wanted to stay close to home, so we dined at Shi, a recently opened, shi shi LIC restaurant that serves mediocre Chinese/Japanese food.

Shi is a beautiful restaurant. If you like Tao's interior, you'll like Shi's. They don't have a pond or a giant Buddha, but there's a grand painting of Caucasians dressed in cheongsam and, yeah.
Their cocktail of the day was Berry Mojito, so of course I had to have it -I just had one. It could use more simple sugar, lime, and berries...

Their food is like Wokcano (it's a Los Angles Asian Fusion Restaurant chain). The sushi is shi*tty, and the Chinese is safe. We ordered:
For Appetizers: Tuna Tartar - ok, but I don't know about the chips they used...


Yellowtail Serrano - ok


For Entrees: Crispy Pan Fried Noodles - didn't have any because it came with scallop and squid (their menu needs to specify what comes with it for people who have food allergies!!)

Tuna Roll - soggy sushiEel & Avocado Roll - gross, soggy

Cod - their special, very good!

For Desserts: Crème Brule - chai flavored, interesting... - ok


Chocolate Molten Cake (I think) - ok


Chocolate Caramel Dessert...(forgot the name) - ok, the best out of the 3

I would skip their desserts...The food cost is reasonable. Appetizers range from $2-8. The Chinese meat/seafood dishes are from $10-13. The Vegetable dishes are from $8-10. Noodles dishes are from $7.50 to 11. Sushi rolls from $3.50 to the special rolls of $14.

We should have gone to Lucali...

Address: 4720 Center Blvd Long Island City, NY 11109
Phone#: (347) 242-2450
Rating: 2.7 out of 3

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