Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'll admit it, this is not my scene, so I'm going to be nice and give 'em 2 stars.

It was my first time in Adam Morgan where all the bars and clubs are in DC last Friday. It's a cluster f*ck. Btw, the city should really build more parking lots. It's ridiculous that we have to go to the mid-street to valet park or park in the lot. My cuz, newly wife and friends wanted to hang & dance there. I checked the Yelp reviews and just dreaded...luckily, It wasn't crowded --guess Alison S' word is out that it's "actually just Hell."

Heaven & Hell is situated across from Maggie Moo's (I like that name!) in what looks like an apartment at one point. That being said, it felt like I was back at a college house party with pschodelic posters/paintings on the wall, tripping on acid (never touched it), lights flashing, everyone moving in slow mo like you're in a circus fun house. This part was "Heaven" (second floor). I didn't even bother to hang out in "Hell" (first floor).

Drinks are not as cheap as we had thought --about $9/drink.'s tough paying drinks at that price when you're at a dive bar...We ventured off to Meze.

Address: 2327 18th St NW (between N Belmont Rd & N Kalorama Sq) Washington, DC 20009
Phone#: (202) 667-4355
Rating: 2 out of 5

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