Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I really don't understand why people love this place. I've dined at L.G. a few times and am always expecting "the best Mexican food in L.A," and am always disappointed. Their chicken burrito is a rice burrito; okay, they threw a few scraps of chicken. I'm not wow'd by their chips.

Also once, after spending $10, I had to ask the guy behind the counter three freakin times for a glass of water --I was really annoyed the second time I asked (the guy gave me a dirty look the first time), that I made sure everyone nearby heard me on my third time, and the guy reluctantly gave me my water. Okay, I didn't really ask him, it was more along the line, "You SERIOUSLY can't give me a glass of water. Where's your manager?" Sure, I was bit demanding, but come on, water is free; what's the big deal??

Address: Farmer's Market 6333 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone#: (323) 930-2211
Rating: 2 out of 5


Sorry, couldn't really give it a 4 star because the coffee is so damn expensive if you stay and the food is nothing to get all excited about--as Runt said, the turkey sandwich is just like a subway sandwich. I don't know if it's a Korean cafe thing but there are two prices -- a to go price and a stay in price. A to go price is what normal coffee costs, and a stay in price is double the cost (I've never had a free refill...but then again, I usually order a Latte or a Mocha). It's smart on their part I guess because they just want to maximize their profit without doing too much work. But come on!? $6-7 for a mocha? I can get a vodka/cran with that money. I will have to admit that their mocha is the best mocha I have had so far--not too sweet and not to bitter. The interior is great --it's a loft style --there's a 2nd floor, and the patio is cozy and cute. They have a parking lot on Serrano & 6th I believe...and they offer Sweet Lady Jane cakes - yum!

Address: 3882 West 6th StreetLos Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 383-3006
Rating: 3.8 out of 5

**Update (3/16/09): I've now accepted the fact that all coffee joints in K-Town are expensive, so I'm giving them a 4.5 out of 5 now. The parking and Wi-Fi are free.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I order/dine at Life often because it's nearby my work; it's also the only decent looking restaurant w/in walking distance (nice big couches and has nice bar style patio --am sure Austen would mock me on my repetitive usage of the word "nice"). The food is fine - not going to blow your mind but not going to turn you away. The service...eh, it's a hit or miss. My take out orders are fine, but when I dine in...there's usually something missing; I thought that's what a pen and a pad is for? Despite the absent minded waiters/ waitresses, the people there are really nice and do make you want to come back. Afterall, it's the only nice restaurant close to my work.

Update: Mojito Chicken Skewers - chicken is a bit dry
Grilled Cheese - yummy!
Caprese Salad - average
Roasted Turkey - boring, $12 is a waste of your money
Cheese Burger - massive!
Grilled Chicken Sandwich -tasty
Life Salad - my prefer salad, simpleCaesar - average
Chopped Salad - sad looking
Pesto Penne - tasty
Veg Burger - ok

Address: 6311 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90048
Phone#: (323) 651-5433
Rating: 3 out of 5

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The restaurant's name is very fitting because this place has GOOD grub. The perfect place to go for brunch! I love the location and the look --it's a house that's converted into a restaurant. Outdoor seatings for those smokers (wink, wink). For a free side dish, they give fruit loops. I would have given this place a 5 star if the wait wasn't so damn long -- I waited for 30 minutes...

Address: 911 Seward StLos Angeles, CA 90038
Phone#: (323) 461-3663
Rating: 4 out of 5


Can I say "yuck" or "very gross" --V.G.? Ok, I am not a vegetarian, but I have had much better soy chicken, soy beef, soy whatever than at V.G. The soy chicken tastes like a wet cardboard. The soy burger tastes really funky as well. The whole point of soy meat is so it would taste like the real thing. I've ordered food from there four times since my boss is a vegetarian, and each time I ask myself, "why do I keep ordering there if I hate the food?" Oh, because it's free lunch for me, but I have learned my lesson and know now to never order food from there--even when it's free.

Address: 8393 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90048
Phone#: (323) 653-4900
Rating: 1 out of 5

Photo credit: Dave C. (top photo only)


I was expecting the restaurant to have a better white wine selection since AOC is known to be a great wine bar/restaurant, but after the third wine test, I decided to stick to my first glass. The bartender was very nice and patient --no attitude. Hence the 4-star, not a 3.5 star. My friend and I ordered four dishes, and the only dish that wow'd me was the egg & proscuiotto sandwich--heaven.

Address: 8022 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90048
Phone#: (323) 653-6359
Rating: 3 out of 5


I love the interior and the patio. Oh yeah, the food is good too. Drinks are strong. Service is fine. They started to show films on the patio (you pay an extra $8, but then you get a discount on your drinks), but it's really hard to hear the film...so I don't recommend If you plan on dining here, I highly recommend sitting outside (if you don't mind the smoke) and bring your credit card--you'll make a nice dent to it.

Address: 1600 N Cahuenga BlvdHollywood, CA 90028
Phone#: (323) 461-5001
Rating: 4 out of 5


My friend invited me for drinks at this place, and since I was not in the mood to drink (very rare), I decided to have dinner there. I ordered the chicken yakitori and the vegetable udon. The chicken yakitori didn't taste any different from those kabbob vendors for $3 that you find at the street festivals and it was a bit on the dry side. The vegetable udon was bland--I had expected some flavor to the soup. I guess it's a good meal if I was on a diet...but I'm not. I am checking this restaurant off my list.

Address: 460 S La Brea AveLos Angeles, CA 90036
Phone#: (323) 936-7622
Rating: 1 out of 5

**Update 3/16/09: It's now CLOSED. I might have shut down the restuarant as it was the last review on Yelp...


I was really buzz prior to entering the bar, and completely plastered when I left (yup, the drinks are strong and good...). We had trouble entering the bar because the previous password expired, but luckily my mates were able to figure out. Great wooden interior, but a bit too dark--ladies, don't wear heels, unless you don't plan to drink much.

Address: 3331 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone #: (213) 387-7227
Rating: 4 out of 5

Photo credit: Monica T


The Library Bar is a great bar if you want to relax and have some drinks with your friends. It's not crowded, but then again, I was there around 1am. The music is not loud and the interior is adorable (yes, it's like a library). Stephen the bartender is awesome!

Address: 630 W 6th St Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone#: (213) 614-0053
Rating: 5 out of 5

Photo credit: Irma S. (top photo only)

**Update 3/16/09: Stephen no longer works at the Library Bar. They serve food now.


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