Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I did the chicken dance pledge at work.

The chicken dance pledge is where you dance like a chicken (yes, I flapped my wings), and pledge to go to Big Wangs for their Tuesday chicken wings special no matter how exhausted you are.

My colleague raves about their Tuesday special all the time. It's 25 cent a wing but the catch is you have to buy 10 wings; it's still a bargain for $2.50. Plus, they have a beer spinning wheel --where ever the arrow falls, it's cheap beer (wasn't paying attention because I don't drink beer, but it's a pint).

I yelped the place so I was mentally prepared for all the man-child there (yes, there were plenty of them. I met one in the parking lot while I was smoking my last pack of fags..a Caucasian realized that I was Asian and wanted a fag. Instead of asking straight out, he starts Chinese bowing --seriously, hands in prayer style and then asked me for a fag, and of course when I gave him one, he bowed again. I should have said, "Fook you, no fag for you.") The joint was packed. Everyone was here for the chicken wings special. This is a man-child place. You have cheap drinks and food, flat screen TVs all over the place, a pool table and let's not forget the Big Buck Safari video game. Ladies, if you want a man-child, come here.

Let's stop talking about the man-child and move on to the service. It took the waitress 20 MINUTES to give me my diet coke. It took her 40 MINUTES to give our wings. I'm not exaggerating at all; I checked my watch. My colleague said the service is normally not that shitty...

Now let's talk about the wings. You have a few options: mild, hot, cajun, chipotle BBQ, and terriyaki. We went for mild, hot, and cajun. Oh, the waitress only gave us ranch dressing when we also requested blue. Back to the wings, I am really disappointed that the wings tasted the same for the most part. Ok, one had more black pepper and the other was a tad bit more spicy, but come on, it's the same sauce --especially when your lips are burning. I stopped at 8 wings before I gave myself a heartburn.

Granted the wings are cheap, don't do the chicken dance pledge!

Address: 1562 N Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone#: (323) 469-2449
Rating: 2 out of 5

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