Friday, December 11, 2009

Allston Yacht Club

I met up with a friend at the Allston Yacht Club to pre-celebrate the holiday before she left for New York. She lives within walking distance to AYC and wanted to dine there before the new year. I was expecting portholes and sailor outfits, but AYC is a simple, semi-modern colorful restaurant.

AYC continues its predecessor 15 with their early dinner 3-course dinner for $16 available from 5:30-7:30, Tuesdays to Saturdays. They offer brunch on Sunday from 10 to 3PM. I’ll have to go back for their early dinner. Since we went there after 7:30…we did not get the killer deal. Their dishes are “tapa” style--small (that’s why they’re “affordable”).

I wanted to order the Bacon & Egg Martini (Bacon Infused Vodka & a Pickled Quail Egg ) but our waiter warned that it wasn’t sweet. I can’t handle bitter drinks. I decided on the Hot Mrs. Santa, one of their Holiday drinks.
2009-12-11 19.48.51
Boy did I ordered the wrong drink! Hot Mrs. Santa was revolting! It brought me back to my youthful days when I was sick and my mother would shove 44-D down my throat. The waiter was kind enough to let me switch to a glass of Pinot Grigio that was not memorable but at least I had no gag reflex.

For dinner we ordered the…

Cedar Planked Salmon (a filet topped with herb butter and broiled on a smoking cedar plank): There was nothing special about this dish. It wasn’t bad but at the same time it wasn’t memorable. At least I got my Omega 3 of the day.
2009-12-11 20.00.34(2)
Arancini (“Little oranges” in Italian. Risotto stuffed with peas and mozzarella rolled in panko and deep fried. Served on a tomatillo salsa crudo): This was my favorite dish of the night—maybe it was because the most filling dish. I do think their arancini is better than Little Dom’s.
2009-12-11 19.54.45
Brie & Apple Sandwich: Like the salmon dish, it was ok but I could have easily made this dish at home.
2009-12-11 19.54.54
Cheese, jam, olives and toast: We opted for cheese as our dessert. I love cheese. You can’t really go wrong with cheese unless you get the smelly gym locker cheese.
2009-12-11 19.51.42
Overall, I find the food at Allston Yacht Club mediocre and it’s only worth dining here if you make it to their early 3-course dinner. Oh and if you have a KCRW Fringe Benefit Card, don't forget to use it like me.

Address: 1320 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone#: (213) 481-0454
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