Monday, September 15, 2008


My cousin had no idea what to do for her birthday, so I yelped and forwarded a few restaurants, and she chose Onotria. Even though I didn't really recommend the restaurants or picked it, I felt I was still responsible and was absolutely horrified of their service.

Since we were still waiting for 2 people, we decided to grab drinks at the bar. Wow...their bar service sucked! I got that she's the only bartender and providing drinks for the restaurant, but she was the SLOWEST bartender...and most of the drinks were wine --just pour the damn thing already! I was literally doing jumping jacks and couldn't grab her attention.

** Note to the bartender - If you're busy, just at least nod to customers, so we know you know we are there.

15 minutes have past since our reservation time and they seat us at a table where the candles weren't lit. I's minor, but geez, you know what table we're sitting at and you couldn't have it prepare.

Preparation was not a part of their vocabulary. We sat at our table for about seven minutes w/out menus cuz they were out....after 7 minutes we got (1) menu and then another menu shortly after. Everyone rec'd menus 15 minutes after we were seated.

We had the tomato salad for appetizer. There's nothing to rave about it --just tomato and cucumber salad, which personally for $12, was ridiculous. I had the Fuseli Pasta with Wild Boar Sausage & Porcini Mushrooms for my entree...
I was annoyed that I had to ask the waiter for parmesan cheese. Doesn't it look more appetizing with cheese?

I thought it was funny that manager came 10 minutes later to ask me if I wanted parmesan cheese....nope too late, I beat you to it.
And the verdict? Let's say for $22, I am extremely disappointed. I had about 5 mushrooms and the sausages were flavorless. You can get better pasta and half the cost at Olive Garden.

B's dish was slight better. He had the 8 oz. Filet Mignon, pan seared & served with a Pomegranate~Dry Cherry & Port Wine Reduction:
The worst part was that the waiter didn't ask everyone if we wanted dessert. SAY WHAT?! The waiter did come out with a slice of tiramisu with a birthday candle for my coz, but still I can't believe you're not going to offer me the best part of the meal?!
It's a pass on Onotria.

Address: 2831 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone#: (714) 641-5952
Rating: 2 out of 5

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