Monday, April 27, 2009

Berry Nutty

After my lunch at So Hyang Korean Restaurant, I swung by Nutty Berry. I’m not a frozen yogurt fan. In fact I hate it. I hate Pinkberry. I can’t wrap my mind why people love frozen sour milk. However, I saw Nutty Berry on my way back to the office and figured I give it a shot since it’s not “Pinkberry.’ Nutty Berry is a Do-It-Yourself froyo place unlike Pinkberry where the staff gets it for you.
I knew there was a good reason for working at McDonalds when I was 16 years old perfecting swirling the yogurt on top of the cone. It’s like riding a bike. I went for the Green Tea. They have a variety of toppings but I just stuck to strawberries.
It’s officially I hate all frozen yogurts except McDonalds and El Pollo Loco. The strawberries didn’t help. But hey, at least it only costs 38 cents per ounce here.

Address: 549 S Western Ave, LA, CA 90020
Phone#: (213) 386-1199
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I heart In-N-Out’s animal-style burgers!

This is a general review for In-N-Out. It’s pretty amazing that they’ve been making quality food since 1948. Everything is made fresh there. There are no microwaves and frozen French fries! The milkshakes are made with ice cream. The burgers are fantastic and cheap! They were the first place that I went to that offered animal-style burger –instead of bread they wrap the meat with lettuce.
Hey, we’re in Los Angeles where everyone is concerned with his or her looks. …

In-N-Out keeps it pretty simple. You can order a burger, cheeseburger, fries, milkshakes and grilled cheese sandwich for the vegetarian. Here’s a photo taken by Winnie L. that will make you drool….

Animal style burgers are not photogenic.
Oh, the original owners are Christians—check the bottom of the cups, and managers make $100k a year…sure makes me want to quit my job…

For all those East Coasters and Mid-West peeps, In-N-Out should definitely be on your eating list! Keep in mind that lines are ridiculous, but for the price and taste, it's so worth it!

Address: 3640 Cahuenga Blvd Studio City, CA 90068
Rating: 5 out of 5

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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Met up with a friend after work last week at Sushi Kai since Glendale was the mid-point of where we worked, and even though we were craving sushi, we should have picked a different cuisine…like Mediterranean? Sushi Kai actually received great reviews, but maybe the patrons were comparing it to other sushi restaurants in Glendale?

We started off with their special albacore sashimi w/ crunchy onion.
The pieces were swimming in ponzu sauce and it didn’t tasted fresh. Hoping that our next dish would be better, I ordered a glass of sauvignon blanc as they were out of pinot grigio. Well, the alcohol didn’t help. Our spicy tuna crispy rice was another disappointing dish.
For sushi, we went with the salmon, toro, hamachi, and Spanish mackerel.
The sushi pieces were a bit too soft for me. The toro was the best and it better be since it cost $12 for two pieces! The winning dish was the yellow tail collar w/ ponzu sauce.
I think Sushi Kai is best with cooked dishes, not with raw dishes…

Service was great. The chef gave us a free sashimi salad dish, and we also got free mochi Total was about $80 excluding tip and personally to me, it’s a bit much for mediocre sushi. I spent around $80 at Yu-N-Mi in 90201 and their sushi is amazing! If I had to go back, I’ll just order the yellow tail collar.

Address: 143 S Maryland Ave Glendale, CA 91209
Phone#: (818) 243-7393
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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Wurstkuche is best when you go with a group, so you can try more than one exotic sausage, because it ain’t cheap! I went alone; I just couldn’t wait and wanted to pop my Wurstkuche cherry. Geez…it sounds like worst kooch…hmph. Moving on…came here before heading to the Brewery Art Walk last week. I have been fascinated with their menu since day 1. Alligator & Hickory Smoked Pork Andouille Sausage? Rattlesnake & Rabbit w/ Jalapeno? Filipino Marharlica?
Now I must admit that I am not a daring eater; I went for the Buffalo, Beef & Pork w/ Chipotle sausage.
To be honest, I was a bit disappointed because it tasted like a Trader Joe’s sausage not that it’s a bad thing, but I paid $7.75 for one sausage when in fact I could have had 10 Trader Joe’s.
I also ordered the talked-about-Belgium fries with white truffle oil and their Sweet & Sassy BBQ and Pesto Aioli sauces. The Belgium fries were not bad, but don’t spend an additional $0.75 for white truffle oil; get more sauce. I love their sauces. I wished I could try every one of them; one day I will.
Wurstkuche is also known for their great beer list…I’m just not a fan of piss water. They do have an interesting non-alcoholic list. I went for Mr. Q Cumber –my first cucumber soda.
It was de-li-cious! I just wasn’t expecting it to cost $3.50. Overall, I spent around $16. Yes…and that’s why you shouldn’t come here alone.

The interior is simple. You order at the counter and take a number. Walk down the narrow hallway to a spacious eating area or you can eat outside. Despite the hefty price for a sausage, I’ll be back, but with other hippos!

Address: 800 E 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone#: (213) 687-4444
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Chiba Restaurant

My former boss recommended Chiba Restaurant when I was jonesing for sushi in his hood. It’s not a pretty restaurant but at least they serve fresh sushi. I ordered my usual spicy tuna hand roll.
It wasn't as good as Noshi Sushi, but still pretty good and I'll definitely coming back for it when I’m in Studio City. I liked that they offer a 7-piece sushi meal. I wished more sushi restaurants offer this giving customers a more variety.

I’m getting hungry looking a these photos…guess I need to a make a trip to Chiba soon!

Address: 11713 Saticoy St, North Hollywood, CA 91605
Phone$: (818) 765-9119
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Aroma Coffee & Tea

If you’re looking for a good brunch restaurant in Studio City, Aroma Coffee & Tea is your answer. Aroma Coffee & Tea is like Alcove Cafe & Bakery in Los Feliz. You stand in a long line to order your food/drinks, trying not order one of their amazing cakes, and then grab a number and a table. Despite it’s crowdedness, there’s plenty of seating inside and outside the restaurant.

I went for their eggs Benedict. What a surprise?
Aroma Coffee & Tea
Instead of English muffins and Canadian ham, they are served with
prosciutto, and focaccia. Eggs were poached perfectly. It’s not a traditional eggs Benedict but I enjoyed it and plan to order it again when I’m in the Valley.
Aroma Coffee & Tea

Don’t miss this cute brunch restaurant!

Address: 4360 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604
Phone#: (818) 508-0677
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Sushi Zo

I had jokingly asked my colleague if he was going to take me out for lunch. He said, “Sure.” And that’s when the wheel started turning…”Seriously?” “Yes.” “I get to pick the restaurant?” “Sure.” “Really?” “YES!” “I’m going to hold you to your promise.” I had such a big grin. Four months later he kept his promise and Sushi Zo was my pick. My colleague, his wife and I headed off to Sushi Zo for lunch.

The waitress advised that we basically eat whatever the sushi chef wants to give us, and we were fine with a that, and it was AMAZING! Here are the pictures for you to drool at…


Kumamoto Kaki/Oyster (colleague ate this)

Maguro/Tuna Sashimi


Ika/Squid Noodle with Uni/Sea Urchin (colleague ate this)


Aji/Spanish Mackerel


Sushi Zo


Toro/Fatty Tuna


Butter Fish



Ha-Gatsuo/Skipjack Tuna


Kinmedai/Golden Eye Snapper

Shima Aji/Striped Jack


Sushi Zo

Meji Maguro/Baby Tuna


Engawa/Halibut Fin


Aoyagi/Orange Clam (colleague ate this)

Squid (colleague ate this)

Toro Temaki/Fatty Tuna Hand Roll
Sushi Zo

Tamago/Egg Omelet

Yuzu Juice
Sushi Zo

The Yuzu Juice is the closest thing to a dessert at Sushi Zo. No green tea ice cream. I believe that it cost $160/ person...I don't think my colleague will take me out for lunch again...oh swell... The BEST lunch that I have had in my entire life thus far. If you have a generous colleague, pick Sushi Zo!

Address: 9824 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone#:(310) 842-3977
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