Monday, June 29, 2009


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Disclaimer: I am allergic to crustacean, and I do not like eating food that has a slimy texture (i.e. oyster, clams, squid, eggplant, zucchini, etc.).

The gods were telling me something when I went on a Tuesday to find Wakasan closed; I should have seen the omen. I had wanted to go to Wakasan for months since they offer this amazing 12-course meal for $35!? It’s a bargain….but not when you have food allergies. Wakasan prepares the omakase meals in advance so there’s zero substitution. I was screwed given that 70% of the dishes were crustacean. The waiter wasn’t helpful at first as he wasn’t willing to recommend me of other non-crustacean dishes. I had to put words into his mouth, “Is the yellow-tail collar good?” Silence. “Yes,” as I nodded my head. The waiter slowly mimicked me… well, my friend has no food allergies, so she went for their omakase.

1.cold spinach salad
2. sesame tofu
3. cold seared mackerel
4. chilled king crab leg
5. tuna, red snapper, yellowtail sashimi with tofu
6. chicken teriyaki
7. fried calamari
8. clam miso soup
9. chawanmushi (shrimp based)
10. uni and salmon roe on rice
11. red bean ice cream
12. Assortment of sashimi: snapper, tuna and yellowtail.
13. Pork Katsu w/ Sauce

She shared her sashimi with me. I think she let me eat ‘em because they weren’t fresh –were very fishy. Do not come here for the sushi.
food 002
She also let me try the grilled teriyaki chicken with corn on the cob. The corn tasted better than the salmon.
I ordered grilled beef. It was chewy…and something was off about the dish…
food 006
The yellow-tail collar was the best item of the night. I preferred to eat the deep-fried bone part over the meat. My friend also thought that this was the best dish of the night.
food 008
My friend was disappointed with the omakase. It might be a steal paying $35 for 12 dishes, but not if the food is disgusting. My first and last dining experience at Wakasan.

Address: 1929 Westwood Blvd, LA, CA 90025
Phone#: (310) 446-5241
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