Saturday, January 24, 2009


Olympic Noodle is another great Korean restaurant offering delicious noodles (duh) and dumplings. I should really stop buying food on an empty stomach...I get a little ordering

(1) Steamed dumplings - 12 pieces
(1) Boiled dumplings (looks just like the steamed dumplings) - 12 pieces
(1) Fried dumplings -10 pieces
(1) Bibimbap (I was expecting a fried egg...rice was too spicy for me...)
(1) Chicken Kalgooksoo
(1) Beef Kalgooksoo
(1) Chicken Sujaebi

The food was enough to feed (7) people in my Bible study, and I only spent $55 (not including tip)!! My favorites were the steamed/boiled dumplings and the Chicken Sujaebi. I like the chewy, doughy noodle. The soups have good meat quality.

Why am I'm not giving Olympic Noodle 5 stars? Myung Dong Kyoja is better than Olympic Noodle. :P There's more flavor in Myung's noodle and Myung's dumplings are juicier. I would say Olympic Noodles are healthier -probably have less or no MSG..I can't tell but O.N. uses less sesame oil in their dumplings. In a nutshell, Olympic Noodles and Dumplings are good and cheap, and I will be back!

Address: 4008 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone#: (323) 931-0007
Rating: 4 out of 5
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