Monday, January 19, 2009


I should rate Eating Establishment higher as it's the ONLY restaurant (not hotel restaurant) that serves breakfast until 4PM, but the food is just average. Since it's the only breakfast joint (I don't know why there aren't more restaurants serving brunch during Sundance... Sundance = parties = late nights = drinking = waking up late = eggs @ 1PM = :D ) wait time is usually 30 minutes.

The eggs at Eating Establishment are basted; I prefer my Eggs Benedict to be 100% poached. I also prefer to have the lemon juice already in the Hollandaise sauce (had a slice of lemon on side).
The Home Fries were boring. Their Fresh Strawberries Waffle looks better than what it tasted. DSC05625
The side of Chorizo links was good. With coffee and juice, the total was around $30 not including tax.

So, if you're craving eggs in the afternoon, you are screwed and need to eat the Eating Establishment.

Address: 317 Main Park City, UT 84060
Phone: (435) 649-8284
Rating: 3 out of 5

Photo credit: Phil H. (top photo only)
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