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There is no doubt that the Mariposa is the best restaurant in/near Park City, after all it's the highest Zagat rated restaurant in the area. This adorable two-level cabin style restaurant was #1 on my restaurant list.

Making reservation was a little tough as you are required to give out your credit card info and if you flaked or didn't cancel within 48 hours, you'll be charged $50/person (yikes!)...and the restaurant is only open from Tuesday - Sundays from 5:45p-9pm during ski season.

After a long week of dealing with bitches and assholes, one would go for a back massage, but I went for a stomach massage and treated myself to dinner at the Mariposa right before watching an 8pm flick. I made reservation for 2 the same day and luckily they didn't charge me $50 when my colleague couldn't make it.

The restaurant was tricky to find in the pitch black night (it gets pretty dark at 6pm). Once you passed the driveway to the Stein Ericksen Lodge, there's a parking lot to your right for the Silver Lake Lodge; I'm pretty sure parking is gratis (I didn't get a ticket but someone did hit me. If you're renting a car, always get full coverage). You will see a stupid map (only lists what stores are there but doesn't tell you WHERE the stores are...) to the right in front of the "strip mall" and basically the Mariposa is straight down.

When you enter the restaurant, you are automatically greeted by (3) soft-spoken polite people, and to your right, a gentleman offers to take your coat. I waited for 7 minutes as they re-set my table for least I was sitting in front a nice warm fire. As the hostess guided me to my table, I noticed all the empty tables, wondering why Mariposa told me that they were fully booked for the evening...they seated me at a four-top table but removed the (2) chairs in front of to scream to everyone that I was dining by, they should really just leave the chairs there with no place settings.

I started with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (good, had a sparkling taste...) for $8. Their wine's price list is reasonable. The chef's complimentary amuse bouche was Tuna Tartar (very good & very tiny).
I went for the Warm Vidalia Onion crusted Goat Cheese & Roasted Baby Beet Salad as my appetizer for $15.
It was delicious; I really liked the crusted Goat Cheese. The portion is very small or perfect -- slightly bigger than my fist. I was starting to think that the restaurant was not as expensive as I had thought, but oh wait! The entree prices are from $37 to $49! Yeah...that's where it hurts...I really wanted to try the Seared Natural Bison Filets but didn't -not because it costs $49, but it came with Foie Gras and Yam -yuck. My waitress, Stephanie recommended the Sablefish Mariposa (honey tamari glaze, fresh ginger sauce, shiitake mushroom~scallion rice cake) and WOW, the fish just melts in your mouth and I loved the rice cake with shiitake mushroom.

Luckily, the ginger in the sauce wasn't over powering. Like the Beet Salad, the portion is small, but at least it allowed me to have room for dessert.

Lastly, I finished my meal with the $9 Yummalicious Chocolate Snowball (a dense, bittersweet chocolate cake with whipped cream) and a cup of coffee ($3.50, not the ridiculous $9 Glitretind coffee):

How cute!

If I had to pick on something, it would be that they didn't wipe the breadcrumbs off the table after the main course. Despite the breadcrumbs, service was excellent. Oh and like I said they shouldn't make it so obvious when people are dining alone. My meal came out to almost $100 including tips, and had I more time I would have definitely opted for their tasting menus-- prices start off around $75.

Mariposa is a must!

Address: 7600 Royal St Deer Valley, UT 84060
Phone#: (435) 645-6715
Rating: 5 out of 5
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