Sunday, January 4, 2009


Need a light, healthy brunch place to take your health freak friends to? Bloom Cafe is the place!

Continuing giving food to my family and friends...the following are actual text messages between my dear friend Shaz and I:

Me: "take u out 4 pizza as ur xmas gift?"
Shaz: "...but pizza is a tough sell for me - with our without cheese..."

I forgot that she couldn't do dairy...

Me: "ok, we can do sushi"
Shaz: "??? serious? i'd take pizza with cheese over sushi...dontcha know? didn't you see my blog sunday?"
Me: "No...let me check..."

Shaz discussed about an article in the LA Times on how the eels raised in China are contaminated.

Me: "Just don't eat the eel?"
Shaz: "or the tuna or the farm raised salmon...or the rice. Let's do brunch."

Hmmm...ok, I guess I need to take her to an organic, grass fed cow and cage free birds restaurant. I plugged in the key search words and wa-lah Blossom Café came out. I remembered reading Anh T's review and suddenly started to dream about their Mac 'n cheese, but funny enough I didn't order it, as there's no fun eating it in front of Shaz.

We entered the sleek, modern cafeteria split into 2 sections; to the left you have the "café" and to-go side and to the right we have the dine-in restaurant side.

I started with the mint lemonade & the green chai latte. I was disappointed with the both drinks. They should crush the mint in the lemonade and the green chai latté? It was like drinking sand. They use powder that's not um...not refined well? It was so unbearable I had to switch to a different drink. Shaz stuck to coffee and water (w/ cucumber). Smart.

I ordered the 2x2x2 and Shaz ordered the poached eggs w/ tomato basil & goat cheese.
Shaz enjoyed her meal. I like the goat cheese with the egg. and as Shaz mentioned, the eggs were perfectly poached.
My 2x2x2 was perfect. The pancakes were light and fluffy; I actually ate the entire thing, and I usually don't if I'm having eggs and meat. I like how they give you (1) bacon and (1) sausage, so at the end of the mean you don't feel like you overate. Btw, skip the bacon and have (2) sausages instead and dip the sausage in the syrup instead (yum...I guess it's a good thing that the busboy didn't give me ketchup). I opted for fruits instead of potatoes -good selection (watermelon, pineapple, grapes and mangos).

As Shaz pointed out, service would be better if there were (2) servers. There was only (1) server, (1) barista, and (1) busboy.

Overall, I would come back here because they offer fresh & healthy food, cage-free eggs, grass fed cows, and fresh juices. Oh yeah, I need to try their Mac n' cheese next time.

Address: 5544 Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone#: (323) 934-6900
Rating: 4 out of 5
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