Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Happy Ox Year!

After jogging/walking 9 miles and 1.5 hours of Bikram Yoga, I was actually looking forward to eating and celebrating Chinese New Year at Chosun Galbee with my friends. I's Korean and not Chinese, but the location was convenient for everyone. Plus, I recalled the food was excellent a couple years ago when my friends took me out for my birthday lunch, and once again, Chosun did not disappoint me on CNYD.

If there's 4 people they don't take reservation...luckily I showed up 5 minutes late because Cat was late, and once she arrived, we were seated immediately. Service was excellent here! I didn't need to touch the tong!!

Had I known they were going to give us a lot of Banchans, I would have skipped the Korean pancakes or the Japchae...we ordered (2) Galbi plates, (1) Bulgogi, (1) Japchae, (1) Korean Pancakes, and (1) Steamed Dumplings. My plate looked like: The meat were yummy!! Cat pointed out that you need to request the sesame oil with salt for your Galbi as they're cheap now. It's the economy... The dumplings were scrumptious, but definitely on the pricey side...I think they cost $15??? The Japchae and Korean Pancakes were also good. Our dinner ended with the Korean "Horchata" -YUM!

The damage was $40 (including tip) per person (no alcohol at all!), but it's worth it!

Address: 3330 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone#: (323) 734-3330
Rating: 5 out of 5

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