Monday, January 5, 2009


Today was my 2nd attempt to try Luscious Dumpling's dumplings and I failed! What is up with LD? Sigh. Double Sigh. Growl.

There was a long line when I arrived at Mandarin Noodle Deli, and to my luck I was seated immediately. Wow! Was it my terrible Mandarin that got me such good service? Oh...wait, not so took the waiter (I believe she was the owner...I heard a customer said "lao bong" = boss) 15 minutes to take my order. They really need to get more help and have a system (i.e. assigned busser, waiter, host, etc.). I saw 2 employees and the owner in the dining section, which is crazy for the amount of customers there.

Oh swell, I read the reviews as I waited and knew I was going to order the beef scallion pancakes, fried meat dumplings, boiled meat dumplings and the beef stew noodle. I know, I know, my eyes were bigger than my stomach; well at least there's no need to go out for dinner, and I'll save the noodles for my friend tomorrow.

The beef scallion pancakes rolls are a must! DSC05575
I'll admit some beef parts were fatty, and it was my 1st bspr, but they're pretty good--especially with the hoisin sauce. The beef stew noodle was good albeit 35% of the beef was fat...supposedly Kingburg's beef is not fatty.
The fried dumplings were ok, but oh man, the boiled meat dumplings are a must! DSC05576
Sorry no photos, I ate 'em up really fast. I will definitely order their boiled meat dumplings again. Total spent: $26 (not including tip).

Mandarin Noodle Deli was a good last meal before I start my 7-day cleanse!

Address: 9537 Las Tunas Drive Temple City, CA 91780
Phone#: (626) 309-4318
Rating: 4 out of 5

Photo credit: Mike L. (top photo only)
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