Sunday, January 4, 2009


The key to celibacy is Asanebo's Toro Sushi.

Thanks to my friend who treated me to Asanebo's sushi! We had reservations and were seated immediately.

The waiter accidentally left his tray on our chair and the table was dirty. GASP. I can't believe a 1-star Michelin restaurant seated us before the table was cleaned! Shortly after we were seated the waitress noticed the soy sauce puddle and cleaned the table and removed the tray; had excellent service from there.

Oh-my-gosh, Asanebo's Toro Sushi is a must! They're pretty orgasmic! Runner up was the Kanpachi sashimi with miso and pepper. The sushi rice was very good, but Echigo's is better.

Unfortunately they didn't have any Spanish mackerel because the Japanese fish market was closed that day...hmm...which made me wondered if that's why I wasn't impressed with the Albacore sashimi and White Alaskan Salmon sashimi...they were very soft...

Their agedashi tofu is incredibly silky and cream. I had not idea that tofu could be made like that! The miso soup was miso soup with more tofu.

I am embarrassed to admit that we ordered (cough) rolls here...the spicy tuna roll and the eel avocado's just when you're ordering sashimi you get nervous whether or not if you're going to get hungry an hour later... Do yourself a favor, like everyone said, "don't order any rolls!" When you're getting close to filling up, just kill your hunger with a dessert. Trust me, you'll be disappointed with the rolls.

Valet parking is $3.50 -one good reason for having it in the valley.

I know what I'm going to order next time: (2) orders of Toro sushi, (1) order of Spanish Mackerel, the Kanpachi sashimi, the Agedashi Tofu, and the Kagoshima beef. I'll be back....

Address: 11941 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604
Phone#: (818) 760-3348
Rating: 5 out of 5

Photo credit: Helen Y.
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