Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Is it possible to kill oneself by overeating?

I had a 10 course Chinese New Year Eve dinner at Golden City Seafood Restaurant AFTER a Bahn Mi Crawl in which I trekked to four different joints. What was I thinking!? Woh sen zuh bing!!! I subbed it there, hoping that the walking would help alleviate my food coma from all the Bahn Mis...but no such luck.

The restaurant was packed on CNYE! The hostess who arranged the 10-course meal did a great job, and the restaurant staff did a fantastic job accommodating all 45 (I think...) of us. Excellent service.

We had...

1. Veggie Sweet N Sour Soup: Good, after the 5th sip, it was too spicy for me... DSC05665

2. Squab Lettuce Cup: After convincing myself that the squab was chicken (I know it's not, but that's only way I was going to eat the damn bird), I was kinda able to enjoy the dish. It was not bad...definitely would have enjoyed it much more if it was really chicken. DSC05667
3. Green Beans: Excellent
4. Ma Po Tofu: Good, not too spicy
5. Eggplants: No comment- don't like slimy texture DSC05672
6. Longeitivty Noodle: Excellent
7. Fish...der Red Snapper?: Excellent
8. "Chinese" Fried Chicken: Delicious! Must add the side salt!DSC05671

9. Fried Oysters: No comment- don't like slimy texture DSC05677
10. Sizzling Beef Dish...: Good, but the Chicken was betterDSC05674
10b. Close up on the Beef
Excellent food! The meal was $28/person -not bad for the amount of food. There were 7 people at my table, and 3 of us took some left over, and we still had enough food leftover to give to 8 homeless people!

I rolled myself home.

Address: 960 N Hill St Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone#: (213) 253-2660
Rating: 5 out of 5

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