Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hunting for dumplings, I decided to check out Chew Young Roo in the Koreatown Plaza. They are known for their king dumplings, which comes with pork or shrimp. The “king” dumplings are more like Chinese pork buns, selling at $6 for 4. If you want the Chlorella dumplings, they cost $7.99 for 4.
The staff was kind to let me have 2 regular king dumplings and 2 Chlorella dumplings. I wished I had enough money for the red bean bun; it’s cash only. DSC06691

Unfortunately the dumplings lack flavor and there was too much dough for the amount of meat stuffed inside. Where is the meat...?
I was hoping that the Chlorella dumplings would tasted better, but it tasted the same; I guess the only difference is the color of the skin.

I prefer You & Me where it’s cheaper and better. I can check Chew Young Roo off the list.

Address: Koreatown Pl, 928 S Western Ave, Ste 137, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone#: (213) 385-1881
Rating: 2 out of 5


  1. Apparently, the “Chew Young Roo” name is quite famous among the Korean-American community, especially with regards to its connection to Korean-Chinese cuisine.

    All six Chew Young Roo restaurants located throughout the U.S., including this one in L.A., was sued for trademark infringement in federal court by the original restaurant located in Queens, New York, which opened its doors in 1987.

    Although this case is still ongoing, a court order was recently issued to stop the Chew Young Roo restaurant located in Closter, NJ (a defendant) from using the Chew Young Roo name in any manner. They had to take down ALL of their signs, etc. The Chew Young Roo restaurant located in Fort Lee, NJ (another defendant) closed its doors permanently.

    I believe this Chew Young Roo you visited in L.A. will soon have to stop using the Chew Young Roo name also.

  2. Oh, wow! Thank you! They could rename it "Chew forever" because there is so much dough...



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