Saturday, March 28, 2009


Feeling adventurous after my hike on the Agoura Hills, I made a pit stop in Sylmar to have din din with my friend Chrissy and Julian. It's not often that I trek to the 805 area, so why not kill 3 birds with one stone: 1) hike 2) see my friends 3) eat and review. I don't know what I was thinking, but I should have just skipped Sylmar...

Julian suggested Caruso's Pizza, which I soon found out that Sylmar only offers surburbia & Mexican food. When I say "surburbia," I am talking non-gourmet, highly fatty watty food. There are two dining areas and one bar area at Caruso's.
We went for a large half pepperoni & sausage and half tomato & mushroom, and a Caesar salad.
Their salad portions are gi-normous! One is good enough for three people, seriously.
The salad wasn't drenched with dressing. It's an average Caesar salad until I found...
...a black, short stiff hair in my salad? Julian claimed that it's part of the salad...when the salad is not fresh it turns black...something like that and then my reaction was, "They're serving us unfresh heart romaines?" Julian said it was fresh but seemed to dig himself into a bigger hole. I made him eat it and he did. Soon after we finished the salad, our pizza arrived.
Caruso's loves to add on A LOT of cheese, and with all that meat, it was one greasy pizza! It's about the same as Domino, Pizza Hut, etc.DSC06602

Our waitress was nice and fast. Our total was $48 including tip, 2 coffees and 1 tea. I will stick to Mexican food if I find myself stuck in Sylmar again...

Address: 13737 Foothill Blvd Sylmar, CA 91342
Phone#: (818) 367-7766
Rating: 2 out of 5

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