Thursday, March 19, 2009


The hippo wasn’t lucky scoring on Lucky Fish’s $1 Anniversary sale… and crossed the street to Mulberry Street Pizzeria (MSP), hoping that the pizza might taste better dining-in than delivery just to find out that it’s equally bad.
Mulberry Street Pizzeria is a highly praised pizzeria joint, but me think it is the location that is fooling them to believing that MSP is the best pizza in La La Land. Speaking of the location, I guess that’s why they charge a 1-topping slice $4! I honestly wouldn’t mind paying $4, but it better put a smile on my face. The pepperonis are the cheap, thin ones. DSC06334
Vito’s slice of mushrooms puts MSP to shame. DSC06335
On a positive note, the slices are thin and non-greasy.DSC06336
Not to contradict myself, but if you are in the 90201 area and on a budget, MSP is a good option—compare to the other dining options…The décor is a typical pizzeria joint; walls decorated with headshots.
The hippo knows now to avoid MSP.

Address: 347 N Canon Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone#: (310) 247-8998
Rating: 2 out of 5

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