Monday, March 2, 2009


My friend and I came here for lunch last week, and we weren't expecting Berri's Pizza Cafe to be completely empty...needless to say, we had great service. The complimentary garlic bread rolls with basil pesto dipping sauce were addicting. The Caesar salad was good. Thanks to Heather for recommending the goat cheese and portobello pizza! It was heaven!

The crust was great--here's a close up shot:DSC06037
We got the 10" (4 slices) for $14 (I think...). My friend wished the pizza came with tomato sauce. I don't have a preference; I just want it to be good.

I'm definitely coming back here again (most likely for lunch...) and I will be sure to leave room for dessert.

P.S. I am told that their service is a different story in the evening...

Address: 8410 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone#: (323) 852-0642
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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