Monday, March 30, 2009


El Taurino, is well-known for their amazing $1.25 tacos. Unfortunately they didn’t live up to the Hippo’s expectation.

I’ve been craving tacos lately and was eager to try El Taurino’s tacos after reading the all the positive reviews. I pulled into their parking lot; you won’t have a problem finding a space.
For the Gringos and Gringas, “taurino” means “bull” in English, but even if you didn’t know the translation, it’s not hard to figure that out as the restaurant’s walls are dressed with bulls. I was quite surprised to find the interior so colorful; you actually don’t mind dining-in. There’s also a security guard on the premise if safety is an issue.

I went for the carnita, carne asada, and the al pastor soft tacos and a horchata. The tacos are much smaller than El Parian's and I guess, that's why it's half the cost. DSC06683
My wait time was around 7 minutes.
The carnita was very dried and crispy, but I didn’t mind it as much as the carne asada, which was just dry.
I guess I could have bought a lime for 10 cents; yeah…they don’t give limes for free, especially since their tacos are $1.25, but then again, the cheap taco trucks give lime for free.
The al pastor was the best out of 3, mainly because the meat wasn’t as dry as the other two. I think I will stick to Marielas Taco or El Parian’s soft tacos.

Now their horchata is a different story. El Taurino’s is definitely in the top LA horchata list. I will pop in for their horchata.

Address: 2306 W 11th St (lot on Hoover) Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone#: (213) 738-9197
Rating: 2 out of 5

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