Friday, March 20, 2009


The first time I tried Indian food was in San Francisco, I consequently spent hours in the bathroom. The next time I had Indian was in London as it’s the best cuisine there at the time. I learned my lesson and stuck to rice and naan bread. As you can see, I hate Indian food and try to avoid it all cost. A good friend wanted to have her birthday at Tanzore…Indian food. I digress. Friends suffer for each other.

Party started at 8:30pm and the menu was supposed to be….
**Crispy Naan Chips served with hummus and spicy tomato chutney
**Spicy Chicken Wings –Tender quail cooked in Tandoor –oven served with fresh champagne mango chutney
**Chicken Tikka Salad –Tandoor cooked juicy chicken tikkas served over a bed of baby spinach leaves, tossed in honey-yogurt dressing
**Teardrop Caprese & Goat Cheese Skewer
Endless red & white wine, abovementioned appetizers for $43 per person

Yikes, $43 per person for Indian food is a lot. One might think it’s a great deal since it’s unlimited wine, but you have to think it starts at 8:30pm (most of us had something to nibble beforehand) and the restaurant closes at 11pm. I have to remind myself I am going for a good friend who I have known since ‘99, even though she was unable to make it my birthday party...
Tanzore is in 90201, and I guess that why the food is so damn expensive. The interior is beautiful and modern.
One can easily find metered parking on Wilshire after 7PM. There’s a room in the back that we’ve rented out and they did a nice job decorating it. The back room has a flat screen TV playing Bollywood films.

The appetizers came out and I was hugely disappointed as we were completely misled. We didn’t get the Chicken Tikka Salad, Spicy Chicken Wings, and Teardrop Caprese & Goat Cheese Skewer. We rec’d a platter of cheese, crackers, and fruit, vegetarian samosa with two dips, chicken kabobs, and lamb kabobs.

There was nothing special about their naan chips which were more like pita chips at Trader Joe's.
The brown sauce, which was more like a BBQ sauce went well with the samosa, but my stomach could only handle one before it…
Luckily the chicken kabobs weren’t marinated with anything so I chickened myself out that night.
I’m not a fan of lamb, so I didn’t bother taking pics, and plus it wasn’t pretty. The cheese/fruit platters probably came from Trader’s Joe….
Plenty of wine for us…I had 3 or 4 glasses…
If you have a KRCW card you get 10 or 15% discount off your food, but they claimed that we got a great deal so I couldn’t get an additional discount. I don’t know what the total was…but $43/person? We were raped. They were lucky to have us there because it was quite dead on a Friday night. Who wants expensive Indian food? Suckers. Us.

Address: 50 N La Cienega Blvd (between Clifton & Wilshire) Beverly Hills, CA 90209
Phone#: (310) 652-3838
Rating: 1 out of 5

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