Thursday, March 12, 2009


There is something about Mary...

My colleague Pinks and I were planning to eat at Irv's Burgers earlier this week, but we didn't go we crossed the street to Hamburger Mary's where they'll take our plastics. This is a place where you expect all the trannies to hang out. I imagine it's just a completely atmosphere in the evening because the stench of the alcohol just made me nauseas. They should do a serious mopping/wiping every night. We sat outside.

It took awhile to get the pretty boy's attention. I think he was on drugs...Starring at their menu, I am like, wowzer their burgers are expensive! We were going to go for the 3 sliders samples (ostrich, buffalo, kobe) for $17.99, but instead went for the mushroom medium burger with no thousand island for $13 (I think..) and we had to pay an extra $2.00 for the onion rings and $4 for a 1/2 order of fries. You can get a burger 1/2 order of fries AND onion rings for $12 at 25 Degrees (my favorite).

Pinks went to the bathroom after we ordered our food and when he returned our conversation went like this:

Pinks: Dude you need to go to the bathroom.
Me: Why?
Pinks: Just go to the bathroom.
Me: You just took a nice dump?
Pinks: Trust me, go.
Me: It better not stink. I walked back to the bathroom and OMG, the bathroom is like a club:


Par-ty in the bathroom! I'm surprised there's no condoms dispenser. Our burger arrived...

.....with a thousand island.
Told you our waiter was on drugs. The joint wasn't busy at all. The burger was disappointing. In and Out is better than Mary's. Her onion rings were fine; it's tough to mess up onion rings but tougher to make awesome rings like 25 Degrees. If I had to choose, I go for the fries and skip the onion rings.
The bill came in a silver glitter high heel...that's unique. The waiter forgot the pen.

Mary's was an experience. Don't think I will return but if you want to, go at night time.

Address: 8288 Santa Monica BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone#: (323) 654-3800
Rating: 2 out of 5

Photo credit: Joan S. (top photo only)

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