Sunday, March 8, 2009


Came here after a Sunday service with a party of 12. I originally made reservation for a party of 9 at 7:30AM that same day, and had no problem changing it to 12 fifteen minutes before our reservation time. For those who detest waiting, call and make reservations. If you're lucky, there's tandem parking behind the restaurant. We scored. No parking attendant so it's slightly annoying when you're blocked in -hostess needs to track down the owner. Our table was clean and ready for us. John O'Groats sure made me looked good!

who recommended this joint was right about their corned beef disappearing really fast... we arrived around 1PM, and it was gone, so I shared their eggs Benedict, biscuits and gravy, and blueberry pancakes with a friend. HOLY COW! I've finally found a restaurant in LA that makes perfect hollandaise sauce! It's just too bad the poached eggs weren't perfect, but still, their eggs Benedict is the best in the Los Angeles area thus far (I still need to try Joe's Restaurant).
Their blueberry pancakes were fluffy and delicious! My friend pointed out that the blueberries were fully intact and not smashed into the batter. DSC06062
I'm not a biscuit I thought they were just biscuits. The country gravy was good, but I prefer Mel's Diner's.
I tried another friend's spicy turkey sausage - yum! It's not too spicy.

Service was great. Although I have to admit it was odd that one of my party members waited for a long time for her sandwich...

I'll be back early in the morning to try their corned beef!

Address: 10516 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone#: (310) 204-0692
Rating: 5 out of 5

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