Friday, April 2, 2010

Plancha: A Taco Joint

Returning to the office last week from a long….doctor’s visit, I checked out Plancha: A Taco Joint. I read that the owner used to work at Poquito Mas as an cashier. It’s in a strip mall and parking space is scarce, but in the evening it should be fine since most of the businesses close around 6. Set up is like Poquito Mas, Chipotle, etc –counter service, no table service. I went for their 3 for $5 street tacos and tried each meat: grilled steak, chicken and al pastor.
Plancha: a Taco Joint
I’m not going to order the grilled steak again as it was very dry. The al pastor was not bad, but my favorite was the chicken.
Plancha: a Taco Joint
The chicken was shredded and seasoned just right. I also ordered the fresh fish taco. This taco is perfect for those watching their carb intake. Instead of corn tortillas, the grilled tilapia is wrapped in butter lettuce served with guacamole and chipotle cream sauce.
Plancha: a Taco Joint
However, it was disappointing…the taco lacked flavor. I think they should marinate the tilapia with lemon and black pepper. Their chips aren’t bad. I thought it was interesting that they used a lot of red onion in their salsa…
Plancha: a Taco Joint
I’ll be back for their chicken taco!

Address: 8250 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone#; (323) 951-9911
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