Monday, April 12, 2010

Bludso's BBQ

Bludso's BBQ
This past Saturday I was down in Compton, the most desirable city in Los Angeles, to help out Compton Initiative. It’s an organization that plans to beautified Compton within forty years. I believe they do clean-ups quarterly if you’re interested in helping out the community. After leaving the home I was working at, I figured I support a local restaurant since it’s not every day that I’m in Compton. Sinosoul recommended Bludso’s BBQ.

I found other volunteers finishing up their meals so I guess I was at the right place. I got their two-meat combo meal – brisket and rib. The second your tongue touches the meat you’re in heaven.
Bludso's BBQ
Their brisket just melts in your mouth. I don’t know if they add crack to their sauce, but it is effing good!
Bludso's BBQ
The ribs were equally good. They had a lot of meat on the bone.
Bludso's BBQ
The meal came with two sides. I opted for Mac n cheese. It was one cheesy Mac n cheese. There was a glob of cheese once I got past the macaroni.
Bludso's BBQ
I got the collard green for my second side. It wasn’t bad, could use one less dash of salt. It came with the best ever corn bread I’ve had. Seriously.
Bludso's BBQ
The meal was gi-normous and cheap –think I spent $13. They don’t have a public bathroom but the staff was kind enough to let me use it as I guess most customers take their food to go. They do have a small counter with five or was it six stools if you can’t wait to eat it. I highly recommend you to eat the food right away.

I heart Bludso’s BBQ! I guess I’ll be making trips to Compton more often!

Address: 811 S Long Beach Blvd, Compton, CA 90221
Phone#: (310) 637-1342
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  1. So glad you made it even though I thought you were gonna wuss out from some beefy goodeness. Really, REALLY glad. Kevin & the crew thanks you. I'm usually here twice a month to keep the American cow agi-machine going.



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