Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My friend Bubble Gum buzzed to see who wanted to go to Chego, and I of course could not resist. Neither could our friend AP who buzzed, “I’ll see you guys there! I am the Chegos!!!” He lives in NoCal, and I he was just as eager trying Chego too. Actually he was telling us that he was Chegos; Chego means “best” in Korean.

Chego has given life to a small strip mall in Palms. The parking lot is small so you might struggle to find parking, and the restaurant is smaller. I felt bad for the other empty restaurants but hopefully some customers might be discourage of the wait at Chego and dine there. You order the food at the corner, grab a number and a table—if there’s an empty seat…
My living room is probably the same size of the restaurant...
The wait for a table can be longer than standing in the line of the Kogi truck. Luckily Bubble Gum and I beat the rush.

Chego offers a variety of Korean drinks. I went for the Rice Punch, which is the Korean horchata that you get when you finish your meal. I’m all about having the desserts first.
We started off with the 3PM Meatballs (“Korean-fried, shaved green onions, sesame, polenta patty”). I think it’s called 3PM because you only get 3 meatballs. We loved it. I wished it was 6PM Meatballs.
Another satisfying appetizer is their Kogi Fries. It tastes like Belgian fries.
Bubble Gum ordered the Buttered Kimchi Chow with “hot and buttered with fried egg, gaenip, red tofu, chicharrones.” I’m not much of a fan of kimchi since my stomach can’t handle spicy food but the Kimchi bowl was manageable.
My Sour Cream Hen House with “grilled with fried egg, Chinese broccoli, sour cream, sambal sauce” was better than the Kimchi Chow.
I like the sour cream touch, it’s just too bad it didn’t cool of the spiciness -- I ate my leftovers in two parts. Overall both bowls were greasy and heavy. They were ok, nothing to rave about. You do definitely get your moneys worth. The bowls range from $7-9 and the portions are huge. It’s good food after a night of drinking but then again they close at midnight. They close on Sundays and Mondays. Sorry Chego is not Chego.

Address: 3300 Overland Ave, LA, CA 90034
Phone#:(310) 287-0337
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