Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kazoku Sushi

Kazoku Sushi
After running 7 miles, there’s nothing better to do than to eat. Craving sushi, I decided to give Kazoku Sushi a try since it got good reviews, and they have Happy Hour until 7pm on the weekends! Kazoku Sushi is in Thai Town…and on Sunday it happened to be the Songkran (Thai New Year) Festival, so it was a real bitch getting there as Hollywood Blvd was shut down. I didn’t realized that Kazoku is in the same strip mall as Red Corner Asia, and I should have known better that the chefs are most likely Thai…It’s a small sushi bar. I sat at a bar and to the left were a bunch of drunk, loud frat boys. They were so fucking loud that I made it my mission to get the hell out of there really fast. They were buying the chefs drinks, so it's not like they could tell them to shut up. Happy Hour ended in thirty minutes so that made it easier for me to order. I ordered…
A spicy tuna hand roll, which was gross. My best bet is that they use sriracha in the sauce, which is too spicy for me.
Kazoku Sushi
A yellowtail sushi, which was the pinkest yellowtail that I have had in awhile. Do not order their yellowtail.
Kazoku Sushi
An albacore sushi, which was not fresh. In fact none of the fish tasted fresh.
Kazoku Sushi
an unagi sushi, which was the best item I ordered because it’s fully cooked.
Kazoku Sushi

My total came out to around $22. The sushi cost $2.95 and the roll was like $3.50??? I don’t know why people like Kazoku Sushi so much…sure I guess it’s inexpensive, but Sushi Don and Noshi Sushi are way better.

Address:5259 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone#: (323) 817-1002
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