Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sushi Don

Sushi Don
I love sushi. I can eat sushi all day. However having a sushi addiction is expensive. Luckily there’s Sushi Don. I was in the Valley last Saturday, roaming around, craving sushi, and one of my “I’m hungry, you should go here” app told me to go to Sushi Don.

Sushi Don is in a strip mall so there’s plenty of parking in the lot. It’s relatively small, so I don’t recommend big groups to dine there. I didn’t realize that Sushi Don is set up more like a fast food joint and the interior is not fancy at all. You go to the counter and pick a meal, “I’ll take a Combo B,” then take a seat and wait for the food to arrive to your table. They make the sushi behind closed doors… Sushi Don is known for their Donburi. – rice bowl, basically like a chirashi but just with one type of fish for $9. They have two combo meals: A) choice of donburi, 5 pc sushi, miso soup or salad for $13.95 and B) choice of roll, 5 pc sushi, miso soup or salad for $9.95.Sushi Don also sells sushi a la carte. Their sushi is cheaper than Wholes Food. Oh, for you crab lovers, their California roll is served with real crab. I went with Combo B.
Sushi Don
The rice for the spicy tuna roll was a bit too sticky for me and the spicy tuna mixture was a bit too mushy, but at least they don’t use sriracha. The sushi pieces wowed me. I mean look at it!? They’re like edible jewels.
Sushi Don
They were just as good as they appeared. The yellowtail was my favorite, then the two albacore, then salmon and then the tuna . I will try their eel roll next time.

I discovered later that Sushi Don's owner is the same as Sushi Sasabune. Well, I guess that explains everything... They close at 8:30pm, which is a bummer. I guess I can only go there on the weekends. I heart Sushi Don!

Address: 4816 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607
Phone#: (818) 762-8720
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  1. one of these days I'm going to make it up to the (818) to try this place... thanks for the report.

  2. oh, their blue crab roll is supposed to be really good...i don't know- allergies.



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