Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Prince

The Prince
My friend Kat recently moved to Koreatown, so Banana Wonder and I decided to explore in her hood. Actually I used to live there when I was missing NYC, but there so many restaurants in Los Angeles and so little time. My Turkish intern joined us too –I have to make sure she explored as much of LA as possible before she leaves on Tuesday. We picked the Prince, the most recognizable and easiest to pronounce restaurant in K-town. If you love history and Los Angeles, the Prince is a must. It has been there since the 1940s -50s and the interior remains the same. It’s a bit of culture clash, eating Korean food in an American/Italian style restaurant. They have a full bar.
We got a free pajeon. It was greasy but that’s what the Prince is known for –good bar food.
The Prince
I was worried when Banana Wonder wanted to order the Kimchi fried rice because spicy food upsets my stomach, but I managed to squeeze in a few bites.
The Prince
Kat picked the next dish, the super greasy Pajeon in green bell peppers. I could only handle two.
The Prince
I picked the winning dish, a whole fried chicken. It was finger licking good!

Service was a bit spotty. We sat at a booth where there wasn’t a service button. I think the next time I go to the Prince, I’ll be sure to have a few drinks beforehand.

Address: 3198 1/2 W 7th St., LA, CA 90005
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  1. Hah! I will hold you to that pre-drinking mantra, Miss Joan! Good stuff at the Prince. I really liked the kimchee fried rice - it was my first time trying it.

  2. Yes, we must do it again before you live for Portland!



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