Monday, April 5, 2010

RCA (Red Corner Asia)

 Red Corner Asia
Last Wednesday was the monthly “entertainment” foodie event. One of the members arranged an amazing pre-fix dinner for $21 (includes tip & pop) at RCA. At first, I was like where are we eating? RCA is like a pop or a media electronic company like Sony? I hate when people use acronyms. RCA stands for Red Corners Asia, not that would help me since Thai is definitely on the lower totem of my food preference. When I was younger I would eat Pad Thai or Thai fried rice every day for lunch and dinner. I Thai’d out.

Since most of the items on the menu were food that I could eat yet haven’t tried, I gave RCA a go. RCA is another strip mall restaurant but try to find parking on the street because it’s valet parking only, which cost $5 for me –could have bought a pad Thai with that! The décor is petty simple and Thai. RCA is good for large groups--there were about 25 of us.

Our starters were the Angel Wings ($6.95)
 Red Corner Asia
and the Thai Style Beef Jerky ($6.95).
 Red Corner Asia
The Angel Wings were good. It’s made out of chicken and despite it being fried, it wasn’t oily. The sweet & sour sauce wasn’t as sweet as the Chinese's version. The Thai Style beef jerky was interesting. I forgot to mentally prepared myself that I was eating beef jerky. I’m so used to eating juicy meat. Its sauce was surprisingly not spicy at all.

Our salad was the Papaya Salad ($6.95, sliced green papaya, tomato, green beans, peanuts, garlic, fresh chili, lime juice…and dried shrimp). I was told that there were no crustacean in any of the dishes…clearly he was wrong.
 Red Corner Asia
A couple people loved the salad. They thought the fiery dressing was addicting. Yes, I learned quickly RCA is really good at dressings/ curries. The Crispy Duck Panang ($10.95) was our first entrée, and I ate it.
 Red Corner Asia
I know I’m shocking everyone that I ate Donald Duck right now. I usually don’t eat duck because it’s too gamey, but shit, when you cover it up with yummy sweet curry, I guess I could possibly eat Kermit the Frog, Bambi, etc. Obviously it can’t look like the actually food either. If I squint my eyes, the Crispy Duck Panang looks like chili cheese fries.

Everyone really liked the next entrée, the chicken noodle ($5.95). It had a sweet sauce to it.
 Red Corner Asia
Our next dish was the eggplants with fried tofu.
 Red Corner Asia
I don’t like eggplants. The tofu was ok. I don’t think tofu is a dish that I would normally order at a Thai restaurant anyways unless it’s a vegetarian Thai restaurants. Our last dish before dessert was the Hawaiian fried rice ($7.95).
 Red Corner Asia
I was expecting the rice to be sweeter with the pineapples and raisins. At this point, we were pretty full and digesting more carbs would not help at all. So for dessert we had rice. Seriously. Sticky rice with Mango.
 Red Corner Asia
I called the Thai sticky rice the lazy Asian rice dessert because other Asian rice desserts do not look like “rice.” It was a bit odd eating rice “rice” for desserts. It would be like the Italians adding icing to noodles and serving it as a dessert. Weird. The mangos were fabulous. Fresh, ripe and untouched.

The best things about RCA are that they don’t serve crickets, and it’s cheap.

Address: 5267 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone#: (323) 466-6722
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  1. You ate donald!! Gasp! Well from the pick, I don't blame ya cause it really doesn't look anything like the neighborhood pond bird.



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