Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LA FuXion

LA FuXion
What make LA FuXion unique from the other KBBQ food trucks are their tuna tostados. They are addicting. The sauce is not spicy but sweet. I almost want to say there’s mango in the sauce? They're a little bit on the pricy side--$3 for one tuna tostado, so best to do the combo meal: 2 tostados, 1 side and a drink for $8.
LA FuXion
For the sides, definitely do not order their Asian sweet potato fries. Like it says on the menu, the fries are “Asian,” and that means they’re not fried and crispy, but fried and soggy.
LA FuXion
I’ve only had their short rib tacos, and they’re not bad. It just makes sense when the cooks are Korean. But you really come to LA FuXion for their tuna tostados.

Service was off last Friday. For some reason three other people, who ordered cooked food after me, got their food before I got my raw food...

On Friday, April 23rd they will have a permanent location in the evening at 4430 W. Pico Blvd., LA, CA 90019 so for now…

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