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My Muslim intern was brave enough to attend my Bible study last Thursday – well we’re not studying the Bible, but St. Augustine’s “Confessions.” I figured the least I could do is take her out for dinner. I’ve been meaning to visit The Fix again as Paul the owner asked me to give it another shot after I wrote a negative review…so I figured I take my intern there. Thank goodness she’s not Hindu.

We weren’t really hungry so we shared the Bison sliders and sweet potato fries. The slider was surprisingly not dry like my last visit.
The Fix Burger
Their sweet potato fries were good--crispy and not too sweet. Skip their garlic French fries but not the sweet potato fries.
The Fix is still expensive. I think I spent about $18 for two small sliders, sweet potato fries, Mexican coke and an Organic ice tea. They really should have fixed prices…like my favorite burger place, 25 Degrees.


I've been meaning to try the Fix Burger, but every time I head over there, I realized that it's Sunday; they are closed on Sundays. After a nice workout today, I realized that I could "spend" my entire daily calorie intake at the Fix Burger (ok, I had 1/2 of cup of the noodle from Olympic Noodle in the morning).


Trying to stay somewhat healthy...I went for the Buffalo burger because it's has less fat than beef and turkey, has more protein and less calories (got the info from Jackson Hole Buffalo Company). Fix's Buffalo Burger was my 1st Buffalo Burger and let's just say it tasted like cardboard - are you able to see it's dry??).


I started to wonder if a Buffalo Burger is supposed to be dry. I don't recall the cute counter boy asking me how I'd like my meat ...I've had Buffalo/Bison before at Hell's Kitchen In MN and loved it. I did some research and found out that it's pretty easy to overcook Buffalo as it's so lean, but one could add fat...hmm...maybe the chef could learn something from this thread or from the National Bison Association.

I also tried their Garlic Fries (they offer 1/2 order for $2 -just need to ask) and was disappointed again... F.B.'s fries were nice and crispy, but the garlic distribution was not orgasmic like Easy Street Brasserie's Garlic Fries in Park City, UT.

Lastly, I tried their Strawberry's okay...I like the fresh strawberries in the Milkshake, but 8oz's is much better. Fix Burger does offer a wider selection of Milkshakes...

On a positive note...they are eco-friendly. The to-go containers are made from recycled materials. Staff was nice.

My meal was almost $18. I think I'll try a regular beef burger and sweet potato fries next time...

Address: 2520 Hyperion Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone#: (323) 661-8494
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