Sunday, April 26, 2009


Met up with a friend after work last week at Sushi Kai since Glendale was the mid-point of where we worked, and even though we were craving sushi, we should have picked a different cuisine…like Mediterranean? Sushi Kai actually received great reviews, but maybe the patrons were comparing it to other sushi restaurants in Glendale?

We started off with their special albacore sashimi w/ crunchy onion.
The pieces were swimming in ponzu sauce and it didn’t tasted fresh. Hoping that our next dish would be better, I ordered a glass of sauvignon blanc as they were out of pinot grigio. Well, the alcohol didn’t help. Our spicy tuna crispy rice was another disappointing dish.
For sushi, we went with the salmon, toro, hamachi, and Spanish mackerel.
The sushi pieces were a bit too soft for me. The toro was the best and it better be since it cost $12 for two pieces! The winning dish was the yellow tail collar w/ ponzu sauce.
I think Sushi Kai is best with cooked dishes, not with raw dishes…

Service was great. The chef gave us a free sashimi salad dish, and we also got free mochi Total was about $80 excluding tip and personally to me, it’s a bit much for mediocre sushi. I spent around $80 at Yu-N-Mi in 90201 and their sushi is amazing! If I had to go back, I’ll just order the yellow tail collar.

Address: 143 S Maryland Ave Glendale, CA 91209
Phone#: (818) 243-7393
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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