Saturday, April 11, 2009


For the month of April, each week Clementine’s is making special grilled cheese sandwiches in celebration of Grilled Cheese month. I had no idea that April is Grilled Cheese Month…who comes up with this?

Since I had a Good Friday service in Palms, it gave me a good excuse to check out Clementine’s specials. I use to come here when I worked on the Fox lot and would always order their 3 –salad combo for $11.95. My favorite items would be the edamame wild king salmon and the Chinese broccoli shitake mushrooms. Parking was and still is a pain. They have a "drive thru" area for pick-ups. There was a pretty black girl working at the pick up location but for some reason she didn't think I was there to pick up even though I parked right next to the "pick-up" sign... Clementine needs improvement in the service area.

My colleague and I shared the Grilled Vermont Cheddar Cheese (on the regular menu) and their special carne asada grilled cheese sandwich. The sandwiches come with marinated pickles. Love their pickles—on the sweet side!
The Vermont Cheddar Cheese was good but nothing special.
I don’t think one should ever order grilled cheese sandwiches to-go…The carne asada was better than the Vermont. I really like the chipotle sauce that came with it!
My colleagues ordered…

the 3-salad combo: shitake mushroom, sundried tomatoes pasta and beet salad...
Another 3-salad combo: shitake mushrooms, wild Alaskan salmon (I forgot what the 3rd item was...)....
Steamed vegetables (really good!)...
Greek salad...
And finally, tuna salad (really good!)...

I wished Clementine was closer to us, but then again, it's good for my waistline that I can't go there everyday. I'll need to check out their brunch menu; it's supposed to be amazing but then again, I am not surprised.

Address: 1751 Ensley Ave Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone#: (310) 552-1080
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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