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My friends and I have heard great things about Oinkster, so we headed there after wine tasting at Colorado Wine Company. It’s a cute joint with lots of outdoor seating and indoor seating. If you’re a KCRW member you get 15% off. I shared the pulled pork and pastrami. One of my friends is avoiding meat for lent so she went for the veggie burger. We all shared the Belgium fries and strawberry milkshake.

The pastrami was a bit fatty but still pretty tasty.
I was disappointed with the pulled-pork sandwich. I was expecting BBQ sauce in the sandwich but Oinkster’s is Carolina style so it’s more like a French dip sauce…which I find it a bit too bland for my taste buds.
Oinkster uses Folsom ice cream for their milkshake.
It was good but 8oz is better. My friend had high expectations with their veggie burger.
The Belgium fries tasted good with Oinkster’s ketchup and aioli sauce. However, we found a hair in one of the fries…yikes!
The hair was in the potato...?
We forgot to show our KCRW card for the discount, but management was kind enough to give us a carrot cupcake.
It was a bit odd that the carrot cupcake came before the peanut butter cupcake we purchased… The carrot cupcake was good and the peanut butter cupcake…well, let ‘s just say I prefer a p&b sandwich.


Well, I can check the Oinkster off my list.

Address: 2005 Colorado Blvd Eagle Rock, CA 90041
Phone#: (323) 255-6465
Rating: 2 out of 5

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