Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I took my friend, Chrissy to Michelangelo Pizzeria Ristorante last Friday to celebrate his birthday. It was my first time dining there since their move from Silverlake Blvd. The move was good for them; it’s more spacious and the heated outdoor patio is the place to be. They’re in the process of getting their liquor license, so for now it’s still BYOB –the main reason why I picked Michelangelo… but you must buy the water, which is kind of tacky…

I didn’t make any reservations, but we didn’t have any problems getting a table. Since Chrissy is vegetarian, we shared the burrata salad for our appetizer and the funghi pizza and the mushroom risotto for our entrees. His friend Amanda ordered the chicken.
The burrata salad was the winning dish of the evening.
The pizza crust was thin, crispy, and non-oily –just the way I like my crust, but there was a strange taste with the paste/tomato sauce...slightly on the sour side?
The mushroom risotto tasted much better than the pizza but my boss’ mushroom risotto is far more superior than Michelangelo’s. Amanda seemed to enjoy her chicken.
Maybe you need to order a meat dish here?

After Chrissy picked the chocolate cake for dessert, the entire staff came out singing “Happy Birthday” to him. It was sweet of them to do that; it’s just too bad the dessert wasn’t sweet. Their chocolate cake lacked love.

I think I’ll take him to Andiamo next time where it’s BYOB and the food tastes better.

Address: 2742 Rowena Ave Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone#: (323) 660-4843
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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