Sunday, April 5, 2009


Corkbar is a newly opened expensive wine bar near the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Came here with other hungry, hungry, hungry and thirsty hippos who have waddled very far their food/wine tasting at a bargain price of $30.
It was a bit of struggle getting there as a film was shooting in the area, but luckily I wasn’t the only one late and had also scored on metered parking (free on Sundays). The interior is spacious with its high ceiling..causing it to get really loud...
They have a nice outdoor patio section. Corkbar kind of reminds me of the Embarcadero area in San Francisco..without the Bay.
Like the Downtown Standard, they have a communal sink in the bathroom area. Ladies best to keep a mirror pocket if you don't want to do your make up in front of the boys.
Once the herd was rounded up, we indulged into the five California wines with its food pairing, but not so fast, as our first two appetizers had olives in them, and I hate olives.

However, to my surprise, the lemon juice in the green olive tapenade and the 2008 Brander Sauvignon Blanc from Santa Barbara went well together.
Corkbar knows how to pair their food with the wine because I didn’t gag when I tried the black olive tapenede with the 2007 Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir.

Our next pairing was the 2006 Keenan Chardonnay with the parmesan risotto.
Corkbar was kind enough to accommodate my food allergies as everyone else had shrimp risotto (normally priced at $14).
Their risotto was heaven!

The entrĂ©e just got better with their mac & cheese (normally priced at $10) and 2006 Ethan Sangiovese Syrah. Corkbar’s mac & cheese was absolutely divine and you must order it if you are ever here.

Our last wine was the 2005 Richard Partridge Cabernet Sauvignon paired with the short ribs and polenta (normally priced at $18), which was a bit salty but the Cab helped smoothed out the taste.

Our waiter risked his life and gave us another pour of the Sauvignon Blanc –my favorite. The portions were just right so we could also order dessert. We went with the banana bread pudding.
Everyone loved it…but the texture was too much like oatmeal to meal; I hate oatmeal. The owner was nice enough to comp our dessert.

Overall, we had a blast, and I will definitely be back for their mac & cheese!

Address: 403 W 12th Street Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone#: (213) 746-0050
Rating: 5 out of 5

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