Thursday, July 31, 2008


I hate soggy sushi rolls. En Sushi's weren't mushy like Blowfish Sushi, but wet enough to make you wonder if they can't make the rice properly or if they were defrosting the fish...

We had the Tuna Fever roll (something was missing and the spicy tuna tasted like Korean sushi chefs' spicy tuna), Unagi & Avocado roll (i've had better), Albacore Jalapeno roll (wasn't spicy! jalapeno tasted like green pepper), mackeral sushi (uber fishy taste), and albacore sushi (best thing). Their green tea tempura ice cream was not bad either.

En Sushi chefs can definitely use a knife. I've never seen a tomato sliced so perfectly in my Cold Tofu dish.

Hmmm...looking at all the yelp reviews...only come here for happy hours so at least you won't feel so bad paying for soggy rolls or you won't feel the sogginess at all...

Address: 1972 Hillhurst Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone#: (323) 664-1891
Rating: 2.3 out of 5

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