Tuesday, July 22, 2008


1 star because Bar Pintxo have good wine.

What was supposed to be a "20 minute wait," turned into a 45 minute wait, and had the hostess said it was going to be a 45 min wait, I would have dined elsewhere. Now, that's not why I'm giving a poor rating; I don't believe in giving a restaurant a 1 star if I have to wait for ever (after all, if there are that many people waiting, the food must be good). I WILL give a 1 star when people who are AFTER me on the wait list are seated BEFORE me. 3 couples who were after me, were seated before me. WHAT THE HELL IS THE WAIT LIST FOR? When I was finally seated, the guy who signed up after me FINISHED his meal, and when I complained to the hostess, her explanation was that area was not really an eating area (which seemed like a total lie because a couple before me was there....). Don't you think I would rather be seated instead of waiting for 45 minutes? I mean there's no real good seating section (it's tiny, packed like sardines). Furthermore, the hostess was offering some people who have been waiting only a fraction of my waiting time. Hello? Where's my wine???

Enough about me ranting and raving about my horrible experience with the hostess; let's talk about the food now. In a nutshell, the food looks better than how it tastes...

Chorizo & fried quail eggs: It was served on cold BURNT toast...who eats charcoal? cold dish.
Esparragos blancos con romesco: don't order it. cold dish.
Crimini mushroom jamon & diced vegetables: 2nd best dish
Dates wrapped in bacon with cabrales cheese: This was the best item out of the 6 dishes, but bacon could have been crispier. cold dish.
Tortilla Espanola: It's more like a quiche. Very rich. actually a warm dish.
Croquetas de Pollo y Jamon: disappointing

I won't be coming back here.

Address: 109 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90407
Phone#: (310) 458-2012
Rating: 1 out of 5

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