Monday, July 7, 2008


I was disappointed with the Counter....but before I dive into why I wasn't impress, let me start with the pros....the service was great. Our waitress was sweet and attentive; she allowed me to go get my Starbucks coffee since they don't have an espresso machine and offered me her love gratis...and the wait was not that long --then again, it was a Sunday and everyone was trickling back into LA from their 4th of July weekend trip.

Like 25 Degrees or vice versa, you can build your own burger, but 25 Degrees offered more interesting combinations if you are overwhelmed from building your own burger. The Counter's burger doesn't come with fries or onions rings like 25 Degrees, so I guess, if you can eat all your food, 25 Degrees is cheaper (burgers @ The Counter is around $9-10 + onion rings/fries - $5 = $14-15, while 25 Degrees is $12 for burger + onion rings/fries --oh, I save $$ on gas if I go to 25 Degrees cuz it's closer or I can take the subway to there).

I ordered the burger in the bowl, which is more like a burger with a big salad...should I come here again, I'll know to split it with someone. Their onion rings were really soggy...not like 25 Degrees, which were pretty amazing (lightly battered and crispy). The burger was good, but I have to admit for medium rare, it was pretty rare...brown on the outside and RED on the inside. My company ordered it medium well, and it was medium rare. Hmm.....

Oh, swell, I can check this place off my list.

Address: 2901 Ocean Park Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone#: (310) 399-8383
Rating: 3 out of 5

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