Monday, March 22, 2010

The Butcher & the Chef Bistro

The Butler & The Chef Bistro
I met up my cousin who's getting her PhD at Berkeley (she’s the smart one in the family) for breakfast at the Butler & Chef Bistro last Friday since I was up for a wedding in the wine country. I arrived into SFO Airport at 8:30 assuming that I would make it to the restaurant by 9:15 but boy was I wrong, and luckily my cousin knew that…I arrived at 9:45--.a fifteen-minute walk from the BART station.

Butler & Chef Bistro is situated in a quiet part of SOMA where there is a park for people to wait for their guests to arrive--like my cousin. It’s a cute little restaurant with three tables out front so I imagine on the weekend the wait must be long. I had picked this restaurant because my cousin needed it to be near a BART station and more importantly they are known for their eggs Benedict. The chef greeted us immediately after we were seated. He was charming and funny.

We shared the Neiman Ranch Ham eggs Benedict and waffle. Butler & Chef Bistro serves their eggs Benedict with olive bread instead of the traditional English muffin. The hollandaise sauce was perfect –light and lemony. My cousin felt the olive bread was a bit too much because it was difficult taking a bite of the bread with the egg and ham. Despite feeling like we were at a dentist office, opening up and saying “ah,” I still enjoyed the eggs Benedict. The spinach were light drizzled with a lemon dressing.
The Butler & The Chef Bistro's eggs Benedict
I was planning on just sharing the eggs Benedict so I can go on a dumpling crawl but the cousin wanted waffle. Damn.
The Butler & The Chef Bistro's waffle
Actually I was fine with the waffle because there was no way hell that I would have time to go on a dumpling run since my ride to Napa was in the evening. The cousin wanted to eat it without fruit to see if the chef was right about their waffles being the best in the city. They add cornmeal to their waffles. I am not a waffle expert, so I’m easy to please—the waffle was delicious. My cousin enjoyed it as well, but she said that the best waffle is still on the East Bay…forgot which restaurant...but still we had a good time, and they gave us chocolate treats at the end our meal!
The Butler & The Chef Bistro
Go for their eggs Benedict!

Address: 155A South Park St., San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone#: (415) 896-2075
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