Sunday, March 14, 2010


Remembered that time when you decided to take another route home, you're eyes all red, while Police's "Can't Stand Losing You" was blasting in the car, slowly stopping in front of a familiar apartment waiting for a person to come out? You're in a trance until someone yelled out, "You're crazy!" You started to feel all embarrassed for stalking your ex. No, I was not the stalker; it was my ex-roommate, and she was, and I'm sure still is one crazy bat.

Well, the popular food trucks lets the entire world know that stalking is O.K. The psychotic roommate is finally accepted, and I have become a serious stalker. My latest victim was the Komodo truck.
I convinced my colleague that stalking was the new trend, and we shared the Komodo Signature, the Seoul Food Special burritos and the garlic fries. The right burrito is the Komodo: sirloin with with homemade guacamole and Cotija cheese, and the left is the Seoul: BBQ short ribs dipped in savory Korean sauce with pickled cucumber salad. Both were good but the Komodo was better.


I love garlic, and they used a lot in their fries, so be sure to order them because they're the best damn garlic fries ever! For the vegans, beware, they add Parmesan to the fries.

Now go and stalk 'em!
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