Monday, March 15, 2010

Alice's Breakfast in the Park

When you live in Los Angeles, you learned to hate driving--especially in traffic, so when my out-of-town friend was staying at a hotel in smack-dab Disney hell, I knew I had to make the most of the trip and didn't want to take her to some touristy eatery yet I was tired of driving so I thought the Hacienda Tivoli Terrace would have been a perfect place but to our bad luck it was closed. Well, I guess it was a blessing because I ended driving more to Alice's Breakfast in the Park.
Alice's Breakfast joint is actually in a park. The scenery is beautiful --a big lake with lots of ducks!
I had thought the theme would be like "Alice in Wonderland," but it's actually named after Alice Gustafson the owner for the past twenty-some years, and it was more like dining at a thrift store...they sold old tin cans, bird cages, and random knickknacks.
Alice's Breakfast in the Park is known for their bake goods. I knew we had to order their famous cinnamon bun. Isn't it beautiful?
The bun was right out of the oven and it just melt in our mouth. We decide to go with the eggs Benedict since the waitress recommended it. Occasionally I have a habit of quickly glancing at the menu and not reading the ingredients I was surprised that there was cheese in the eggs Benedict.
The hollandaise sauce only had the correct color of a hollandaise sauce and not the taste--in fact, it had no taste, making the eggs Benedict taste more like a hot ham & cheese sandwich. I loved their thinly sliced home fries. I think I'm on the path of gaining 10lbs before my friend's wedding instead of losing 10lbs...oye. Nonetheless, I am happy to see my friend and dine at Alice's Breakfast in the Park before they close down.

Address: 6622 Lakeview Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Contact#: (714) 848-0690
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