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Despite the ridiculous wait, I love Kogi. Of all the twittering food trucks, I visit the Kogi the most. On my most recent excursion, I ate my usual kalbi taco (scroll down for pix). An acquaintance ordered the kim chi quesadilla. Now I hate kim chi with a passion so I was completely taken back when I found myself enjoying the kim chi quesadilla. Normally it’s the sauce coating the cheese but it was the complete opposite with their quesadilla, and it wasn’t spicy. I found a new item to order!
Since my first visit, I’ve also tried the Kogi’s Kalbi (Short-Rib) Burrito
and their popular Kalbi sliders. Both items are extremely addicting.

You can’t really go wrong with the Kogi. It’s cheap, tasty grub. But beware…when you’re done eating you’re not going to be satisfied because you just want more.


Going to eat one of Kogi’s tacos is like the journey of finding the gold at the end of the rainbow.

I've been dying to try Kogi’s tacos and every time I check their website they are on the West side. I tried adding my digits to Twitters so I can hunt them down, but it failed...SO when I read they were in Silverlake last Friday, I cancelled watching a free screening of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL ---like I said, I've been tracking them for awhile...

Drove down Sunset and saw my gold....well at least I'd thought it was was my luck that I had to wait for them to take a break (I'm not the only one stalking the Kogi Truck), which was fine...I guess. Once the 10 minute break was up it was time for me to finally try their tacos.
The Short-Rib taco was the best. Runner up was the Tofu taco. Next was the Spicy Pork taco; shockingly I was actually able to handle the spiciness. There was something off about the Spicy Pork taco...maybe it had too much flavor in it...? I couldn't tell it was the Chicken taco because it was drench in whatever sauce, causing the tortilla to collapse. Definitely make sure you have a few napkins on you --it's gets really messy eating the tacos.

Food was warm, and service was fine and fast. I read that they use lard…I really hope that’s not true…because I want to stuff my face in their Short-Rib burrito soon.

Stalk the Kogi Truck!
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