Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Matsuda Restaurant

I met up with my friends this past Sunday at Matsuda, a cute family-owned sushi restaurant in Studio City. They originally wanted to go to Sushi Nozawa, but they didn't realized that place is really expensive and plus they are closed on Sundays. Matsuda is the opposite of Sushi Nozawa. The chef will not kill you if you order spicy tuna rolls, and that's what we ate. Their crispy rice with spicy tuna was good, but it could be a little crispier.
Matsuda Restaurant
The spicy albacore roll was better than the spicy tuna roll.
Matsuda Restaurant
But the spicy yellowtail roll was the best out of the three.
While my friends ate some shrimp roll (I'm allergic to shrimp), I devoured the caterpillar roll.
Matsuda Restaurant
Our total came out to $50, and that's what you will be paying for one person at Nozawa! If you're craving sushi in the Valley and don't want to make a huge dent into your plastic, Matsuda is the perfect choice.

Oh, my camera is in the shop. Hence the ugly cell phone photos.

Address: 11837 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604
Phone#: (818) 760-3917
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